Sunday, April 23, 2023


Times have changed since when I was growing up. We played outside until our parents called us in or the street light came on whichever was first. We played in the playground with little attendance and walked freely within our neighborhood without worry. I went to public school and learned the subjects taught to us. Then I became a teacher that taught all the things that were taught to me not realizing we were taught a lot of propaganda. Today, they don't want to teach any kind of history especially NOT the WHOLE TRUTHS! 

It's bad enough we had to memorize that in 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered America when he NEVER even set foot on this continent. Then of course, how is it that this country could be claimed as discovered when people were already living here. Instead colonizers tried to rule over the Natives here and just declared war against the very people that helped them fight the British during the Revolutionary War. 

How is it that millions of Africans were brought to this continent in slave ships shackled and packed in the cargo holds of these ships defacating all over themselves and each other and died, but today they're trying to say that African back then came here voluntarily and were never in the belly of their slave ships or sold on auction blocks. 

How is it that they believe they can just change history by no longer teaching any of its truths, but creating their own narratives to fit their political agendas. Since when is it not logical to stay awake in class while the teacher is trying teach us history and of days passed. What logical sense does it make to go blindly into the future with no understanding how we came to be at the point we are today. How can we learn lessons and not continue to repeat the same mistakes of our ancestors. 

Keep your eyes wide open to the TRUTH! STAY WOKE!!! 

Thursday, February 9, 2023

The Adventure Continues


It is amazing how six year later I am still on this incredible adventure of my life. Never would I have believed the past years have led in my life all the directions it has taken me. I have absolutely no complaints, but pure joy!
Though over these years I have lost loved ones, I have also gained opportunities beyond my wildest dreams. 
I experienced euphoria last year which was a heavenly transformative event. I received affirmation of my writing which was a sweet surprise. I finished my second book to be presented to publisher with another ready to go. I've moved to another state due my husband's new assignment and my children are all moving forward in positive ways which is most exciting. I thank the Almighty for His wisdom to guide me in the directions of this adventure. 
I look forward to where the next part of this adventure leads me. I welcome all opportunities.

Monday, May 2, 2022



Home, where is it, what is it?

Home, is it within us or

Is it a place with a key

Can we close our eyes and see home

Home is what we feel

Home is our heart and soul

It’s warmth, it’s spatial, absolute

Home is denyingly personal

The key to home is within your thoughts

Think it, feel it, and you are home.

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Again, Another Year!

 Here we are again, another year. The Earth has revolved around the sun and we have done what with our lives? Can we say we've taken charge of our life or made changes in our life that have given us better results than the year before. I know despite all the challenges thrown at us this past year, I feel very blessed to be still here to forge ahead towards the next quest and face the challenges head on. I feel triumphant and elated with tomorrow's prospects. I cannot wait to see what new quest I will venture upon. I live in hope, love and faith of what tomorrow will bring. Remember as long as we have life, we have hope! Live your life and be happy!

Friday, October 29, 2021

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

 Most people know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month because there is PINK everywhere. You see all kinds of products in the stores, all in pink. In sports, teams are wearing sneakers, socks, headbands, etc. All this is to raise money for breast Cancer research. This is all very good. But did you know what the color purple represents? This month is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month and its color is purple. But, do see teams or stores promoting the idea with purple? No! Does not Domestic Violence deserve attention and funding to educate our communities to what domestic violence truly means. Most think that it means geting beat. It is so much more than physical violence. There is verbal violence, emotional violence, financial violence, and sexual violence. Aren't matters involving control of a human beings important enough to give services to help victims of domestic violence? It has become the dirty secret that gets swept under the rug. Though boys and men are abused, girls and women are abused at a much larger rate. 

Learning to know and understand domestic violence would be a credit to society. If men and women learned to understand and recognize the signs of domestic violence they would be able to deal with it. But funding is needed to set up programs and establish shelters for victims. There are never enough. 

We need all of us to learn to F.L.Y. (first love yourself). We also need to have unconditional love.

Love to all my brothers and sisters, afterall we are our brothers' and sisters' keeper.


and remember to "Pay It Forward"

Wednesday, June 23, 2021



What has happened to the World I was born? What has happened to the beauty I used to see and smell? Seems like these days I find myself dodging fires, floods and storms. Then places where water is needed, it is no more. What happened to people helping, caring and loving each other just because? Why is hate in such abundance and not repair? Why can't we see how much we are the same instead of just the color of our skin? Why does that have to be the definition of who we are? Why can't the definition of us all be that of unconditional love and help to build a better World? This is the World we live that is dying from the hatred all around. The Earth is literally crying in agony through its disasters all around the World. Please wake up today for Mother Earth needs our love now before she is no more. Then we will have no World to live.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021


 The idea of moving on for a lot of people is a little scary. Moving on into an area of the unknown may pose a sense of uncertainty, unpredictable and thereof unmanageable events.

Most of us dream of the possibilities of going further, doing something else, changing a routine or just moving on to a new adventure filled with excitement, curiosity and expectations. 

What have you done to prepare for the new adventure you are about to embark upon or are you just moving on taking it one step at a time? Whatever you decide, you must take into consideration of what would give you a sense of peace, joy and hope. Be brave and go forward if you truly hope to pursue your dreams.